Another free album!

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For a long time we were supposed to put out a new album. Well, this is about as close as we got with a few of my own deep track picks over the last few years. I hope you enjoy it, and as always, burn it, give it to all your friends, and thanks to all the fans and band mates who made even this extremely nominal level of success possible!

3 different ways to download!


Free Album!

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The Green Jacket’s studio album “Drop the Dime” is free right here:


“LeperKhanz” Back in Action

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Well, some members of the band are hoping to change the band name, or at least name the latest incarnation of our project something else. Regardless: JP, Brett, Rhy, KhanRad, Jackleen, & Douglas Trumpet are back out there gigging! Our first return date is The 27th at what WAS Patrick’z Irish Pub in Poway. I understand they are under new ownership. We also have a gig downtown in the gas lamp we are super stoked about, AFTER a Padre’s game at the Field on May 4th. For the all ages North County crowd, we are doing a daytime show May 12th at Heritage Park in Oceanside, near the mission! We are also steadily recording, working on new/revised material, and also improving our sound system. As of now I believe we have the most ample PA in Oceanside. I accept all challengers!!

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Making Babies. Making Albums.

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Well, the rumors are true.  Some of them anyway.  YES!  We are working on a new album.  We’ve got some of JP’s tracks done, a lot of the scratch tracks, and even some of the bass.  We’re VERY excited about the album already, just based on the early (VERY EARLY) rough takes.  We are not currently gigging, Rhy & Jackie have a baby due around the end of February!  We’re looking forward to finishing the album and starting to gig again in mid April!  Stay tuned!


Gig Schedule

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Jp, Brett , and I are out gigging a bit with Jackleen from The Green Jacket.  We’ve got a bunch of shows booked for September and Rocktober.  We are doing some of the LeperKhanz original material, a lot of the Green Jacket original material, and a bunch of new stuff besides.  For you history buffs, the band started out as Brett, JP, and I many years ago.  We are currently rebuilding our hornline including KhanRad on Tuba.


Here is the gig calendar right here:


LeperKhanz in the woodshed.

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A lot of friends, fans, and family have been asking me what’s up with The LeperKhanz.  Well, after a very tiring March tour, we decided to take a quick break.  Not to worry though, we are currently making some plans, hopefully including the new album, and will have some dates for you before the end of the year.  In the meantime, we are looking for brass players, most particularly trumpet and/or trombone.  We’ve got Conrad locked in on Tuba, but we need some more brass!  Let us know if you got something!


March Madness Tour 2011

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