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Written by  on March 6, 2013 

For a long time we were supposed to put out a new album. Well, this is about as close as we got with a few of my own deep track picks over the last few years. I hope you enjoy it, and as always, burn it, give it to all your friends, and thanks to all the fans and band mates who made even this extremely nominal level of success possible!

3 different ways to download!

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  1. sean says:

    same colour blog and I’ve just read we’re fellow civ2 addicts I think we’re the same person, are you drunk too?

  2. sean says:

    oh no, you’re in a band (not that that’s a bad thing) so we’re not the same person

  3. Kevin says:

    Hope you guys are kickin’ ass down there in SD still! I still remember hanging out with you guys at the Denny’s in Carlsbad after your shows at O’Sullivan’s (which immediately became lame after you guys stopped playing there). I’ve since gotten out of the Marines and moved back up to Seattle, so if you ever need a sax player… =)

    Thanks for the fun memories and the music that I still play for my buddies entirely too often in the car. Oh, and Civ5 playing as Russia is the way to go. =)

    • rhy says:

      Whaddup man! Actually I live in Coos Bay, Oregon now, and we are looking for a sax player. You play baritone or tenor? Just moved here, so we’re not exactly gigging (yet), but you know we won’t be NOT gigging for too long. Congrats on your freedom!!

      • Kevin says:

        Freedom is tasty, just like pancakes. We’ll have to meet up for a beer if nothing else, Coos Bay isn’t TOO far… Hit me up over email and we’ll work something out! Hope all’s well for you and yours man! Oh, and I play tenor and alto sax.

        I think you can grab my email off the post since you’re admin… So lemme know a good weekend to trek down there! =)

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