“LeperKhanz” Back in Action

Written by  on April 16, 2012 

Well, some members of the band are hoping to change the band name, or at least name the latest incarnation of our project something else. Regardless: JP, Brett, Rhy, KhanRad, Jackleen, & Douglas Trumpet are back out there gigging! Our first return date is The 27th at what WAS Patrick’z Irish Pub in Poway. I understand they are under new ownership. We also have a gig downtown in the gas lamp we are super stoked about, AFTER a Padre’s game at the Field on May 4th. For the all ages North County crowd, we are doing a daytime show May 12th at Heritage Park in Oceanside, near the mission! We are also steadily recording, working on new/revised material, and also improving our sound system. As of now I believe we have the most ample PA in Oceanside. I accept all challengers!!

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  1. rhy says:

    Special thanks to Matt for the following note!

    Just a note. I am Sergeant Justin A. Everett’s best friend all the way back from childhood, spoke at his private funeral, was at the service at Camp Pendleton, and was at the Elks Lodge when you played. I wanted to let you know how grateful I am that you were able and willing to make it to celebrate Justin’s life. Me and my two boys, 5 & 2, have been rocking out to your CD ever since. Your kindness and willingness to honor Justin with your music will never be forgotten. A thousand times, Thank You.

    Matt Hopkins

    Thanks Matt! We were honored to be included!

  2. Renee Hoyle says:

    Can’t wait to see you guys tonight!!! My husband saw you when you played in CA years ago. I think it might of been at the same pub you are playing at tonight. This will be my first time and I am so excited!!!!

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